The Trust is founded by Mr. A. Ramesh Kumar & Mrs. Usha Ramesh Kumar to address the acute gap in access to finance for Education and Vocational Training of children of Rural families, for protection of Rural Livelihoods through Micro-enterprise and household infrastructure oriented solutions, for providing access to clean water through financing rural Water Purification and Dispensing Plants and improving Habitat through financial access to dedicated Roofing solutions


Laraksha Impact Finance Enterprise Private Limited is a Company incorporated under the Companies Act, 2013 and received the Certificate of Registration as Type II – NBFC- ND from the Reserve Bank of India on 5th April 2022 and the Company is now allowed to carry on operations of lending loans.

The Company is also a start-up registered with the DIPP, Government of India, and eligible to enjoy Tax advantages available to recognised Star Ups such as i) No Tax on Share Premium received from Investors ii) Tax Exemption for a period of three years which the Company would be availing from the current financial year and iii) enables the Company to raise ECB under Automatic Route.The Company has, through its incubator successfully tested all its products and is ready to roll-out these through the Company.

The Company currently operates in four states of India with three Regional Offices and one branch. It has twelve employees in the Head Office, twelve Employees in the Regional Offices and Branches, and many more feet on the ground through the Business Associates.


LaRaksha Trust is working to design and deliver Innovative Financial Solutions to address the above unmet needs, particularly for weaker sections of the society in rural areas.

Our Credo: To create new access to Quality Education and enhanced livelihoods AND QUALITY OF LIFE in rural India through innovative Financing Solutions